Michael Spicher, Ph.D.

Director and Founder, Aesthetics Research Lab

The Aesthetics Research Lab was founded in 2016 as a digital think tank and resource for theoretical and practical issues in aesthetics. The site is run and curated by Michael Spicher.

Dr. Spicher has spent the last twenty years studying how aesthetics permeates our lives for the better. He earned a PhD in philosophy focusing on aesthetics and political philosophy from the University of South Carolina, where he also designed courses in literature and contemporary moral issues and philosophy of art and aesthetics. He lectures at both Boston Architectural College and Mass College of Art and Design, with classes on beauty, taste, and modern to contemporary art.

Currently he serves as the aesthetics area editor for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and an editor for the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (published by MIT Press).

In addition to scholarly publications on aesthetic taste, aesthetic experience, history of aesthetics, the sublime, and digital fashion, Dr. Spicher regularly gives talks and writes for general and specialized audiences.

He lives in Boston.

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