The Aesthetics Research Lab works to promote aesthetics in natural and artifactual contexts. Many sites, even those with aesthetics in the name, are focused specifically on art to the exclusion of other relevant fields. Below is an evolving list of sites and select articles that offer a substantial interaction with aesthetics. They are arranged according to discipline or field.


Aesthetics for Birds – a blog that aims to bring people working in aesthetics and philosophy of art together with each other, as well as with artists, the artworld, and others in philosophy and the academy.

Aesthetics Research Centre – at the University of Kent, promotes research in philosophy of art and aesthetics

American Society for Aesthetics – promotes research and discussion in philosophy of art and aesthetics

British Society of Aesthetics – promotes research and discussion of the fine arts and related types of experience

European Society of Aesthetics – established as a research and communication platform for those interested in aesthetics, with particular attention to Europe


Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics – their research involves a wide range of topics and approaches. Current projects focus on the built environment and wellness, beauty and morality, and engagement with art.

International Associations of Empirical Aesthetics – an organization of researchers who use scientific methods to investigate aesthetic experience and aesthetic behavior


Changing Lives through Literature – helping people’s lives transform through the power and beauty of literature

Research Center for Arts and Culture – providing data and ideas for applied research, education, advocacy, policy making, and action for the arts.


Places Journal – Places is a journal dedicated to ideas about how to design, construct, and maintain the built areas

IDEO – A global company that tried to create positive impact through design

COG Design – connects community groups with designers to change the landscape of a local area, making it an aesthetic sight.

*** Please Note: This list is always in progress. If you have any suggestions for a group, individual, website, or other resource that you believe should be added, please send the information to Michael Spicher. Thank you for your help!