Theories of beauty and taste have a long history in philosophy. However, new research—from neuroscience to organizational management to user experience and product design—has heightened our understanding about how aesthetics influences everyday decisions and actions.

Keeping a pulse on all that is new in aesthetics, ARL brings together different sectors engaged with aesthetic questions and solutions.


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Aesthetics and New Product Design

The BOLTGROUP, located in Charlotte, NC, offers some insight into when in the design process should people consider aesthetics. The short answer is right away. On their website, they offer a slew of insightful articles about design practice and other ideas. One short essay, called “When to Address Aesthetics in Your NPD Process,” stood out. … Continue reading Aesthetics and New Product Design

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Aesthetics is a central motivation for human action. Yet, we continue to pretend that aesthetics is just an afterthought. Drawing from the history of aesthetics and current research in neuroaesthetics and beyond, ARL offers consulting, research, and speaking to show how aesthetics can make a difference in your work and life.

Featured work includes moderating a webinar on “Art and Aesthetics in the Healthcare Environment” for the project Applied Neuroaesthetics (NY); creating a workshop for the Executive Design Studio, called Is Your Business Beautiful?”(LA/NY); leading a workshop for teens at a nonprofit graphic design studio, Artists for Humanity (BOS); and collaborating on digital fashion and aesthetics with the think tank Fashion Forward (NY).

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The aesthetic dimension of business and business leadership is more than a matter of appearances.  It is a matter of insight and the essential underpinnings of what we perceive, how we think and what and how we create.  Michael Spicher’s insights run deep and he communicates them from a place of active inquiry.  He is a scholar, but also an explorer, an honest broker of ideas and well worth listening to.

John Cimino

President & Founder, Creative Leaps International

John Cimino

I’ve taken several classes from Michael Spicher.  I can’t say enough about his abilities. He’s a wonderful teacher and a sensational speaker.  He presents his material in a clear and concise way that makes his subjects understandable and relevant to all his students, no matter their level of prior knowledge or experience.  He’s a personable, articulate man with a terrific sense of humor.  I would go to one of his classes or attend one of his lectures in a heartbeat.

Gary K. Wolf

Creator of Roger Rabbit

Gary K. Wolf – Creator of Roger Rabbit

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