I’m Michael. I speak about how aesthetics can impact people’s work and life.

Different Contexts


Drawing from the history of philosophy, I share principles of beauty to help businesses stand out in an overly saturated industry.

Beauty Industry

I write monthly for BeautyMatter, a resource for the beauty industry. I provide theoretical insight into the practices of this industry, providing a philosophical foundation for their work.


I’m a co-editor for a new book on digital fashion. The fashion industry creates a lot of waste, and digital fashion mixed with aesthetics could help to lessen this waste, making fashion more sustainable.


People dwell inside human structures more than ever before in human history. For those structures to positively impact human well-being, we need to more intentionally consider aesthetics.

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Michael is a brilliant thinker and one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Michael’s approach to aesthetic studies is revolutionary and interdisciplinary. His knowledge spans several industries, which also makes him perfect as a moderator.

Martina Frattura, Lighting Designer and Head of The Beauty Movement

Michael Spicher is one of a kind. He has a unique perspective on the power of beauty, and aesthetics generally, for the broader culture. He brings a philosopher’s mindset to bear on understanding things most of us take for granted, and he’s a very effective speaker on these topics. Any business, and any association of business people, could benefit in new ways from hearing his take on the impact that beauty can have on everything we do. Attention to the aesthetic is a force multiplier, and understanding it well is key for flourishing in our time.

Tom Morris, Public Philosopher and Keynote Speaker

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