Review of Wandering in the Land of Oblivion

The Urbano Project in Jamaica Plain (Boston) has a wonderful show by artist Constanza Aguirre, on view from November 9, 2018 through January 11, 2019.

Her art explores the relationship that people have with work. What happens when displaced people are thereby prevented from working? Do they become less human? 

In my art review (see link below) published in Big Red & Shiny, I also question the way that work plays into our identity as people and especially as individuals. But I add another element to this discussion. What role does work (and the lack of work) play in our ability to enjoy leisure? Leisure is often mistaken as idleness, but it is another kind of work. It is just not the kind of work that makes something tangible, like a chair or other object of utility.

Here’s the link to my art review, and in the photo above, you might see me…

Discriminating Shadows: Art and Philosophy

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